Romania Vs Ukraine Starting Lineup Today – June 17, 2024

Romania will face Ukraine in Group E of Euro 2024 on June 17, with the match set to kick off at 15:00 Germany local time.

Match Intro: The Romania national football team, also known as România, and the Ukraine national football team will meet again 8 years after their last encounter, a friendly match which Ukraine won 4-3. Romania comes into this game after two consecutive draws, against Liechtenstein and Bulgaria.

On the other hand, Ukraine approaches the match in high spirits, following a convincing 4-0 victory in a friendly match against Moldova.


Romania Vs Ukraine Starting Lineup and Live Score Updates

We are updating team formations and line-ups for Romania vs. Ukraine in real time. The starting line-ups for both teams are yet to be announced.


Romania Possible Starting Lineup

In their recent match, Romania started with:

    1. Horatiu Moldovan
    2. Darius Olaru
    3. Bogdan Racovitan
    4. Radu Dragusin
    5. Vasile Mogos
    6. Adrian Sut
    7. Florinel Coman
    8. Ianis Hagi
    9. Alexandru Cicaldau
    10. Deian Sorescu
    11. George Puscas


Ukraine Possible Starting Lineup

Ukraine’s recent starting line-up included:

    1. Andriy Lunin
    2. Vitaliy Mykolenko
    3. Mykola Matvienko
    4. Ilya Zabarnyi
    5. Yukhym Konoplia
    6. Mykhailo Mudryk
    7. Taras Stepanenko
    8. Mykola Shaparenko
    9. Viktor Tsygankov
    10. Roman Yaremchuk
    11. Georgiy Sudakov


Key Players Ahead of the Match: Romania Vs. Ukraine


  • George Puscas (Forward): Puscas is a pivotal figure in Romania’s attack, known for his goal-scoring prowess and ability to create opportunities inside the box. His speed and agility make him a constant threat to opposition defenses.
  • Ianis Hagi (Midfielder): Hagi’s technical skills and playmaking abilities are crucial for Romania’s midfield. He has the vision to orchestrate plays and the creativity to unlock defenses with his passing and dribbling.
  • Vasile Mogos (Defender): As a solid defender, Mogos provides stability to Romania’s backline. His strong tackling and aerial prowess help in neutralizing opponent attacks and maintaining defensive solidity.
  • Horatiu Moldovan (Goalkeeper): Moldovan’s role as the goalkeeper is critical for Romania’s defensive strategy. His shot-stopping abilities and command of the penalty area are essential in keeping Romania competitive in tight matches.


  • Roman Yaremchuk (Forward): Yaremchuk is Ukraine’s top goal-scorer and a key figure in their attacking lineup. His physical presence, coupled with his finishing ability, poses a significant threat to any defense.
  • Mykola Shaparenko (Midfielder): Shaparenko’s versatility in midfield allows him to contribute both defensively and offensively. He is adept at controlling the tempo of the game and providing key passes to Ukraine’s forwards.
  • Andriy Lunin (Goalkeeper): Lunin’s agility and reflexes in goal make him a formidable presence. He plays a crucial role in Ukraine’s defensive setup, organizing the backline and making crucial saves when under pressure.
  • Mykola Matvienko (Defender): Matvienko’s experience and leadership at the back are vital for Ukraine’s defensive solidity. His ability to read the game and intercept passes disrupts opponent attacks effectively.

These key players are expected to play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the Romania vs. Ukraine clash at Euro 2024. Their individual performances will be crucial in shaping their respective team’s strategies and aspirations in the tournament.


Head-to-Head Analysis: Romania Vs. Ukraine

Romania and Ukraine have faced each other once since May 2016, with Ukraine emerging victorious. The most recent match between them took place on May 29, 2016, in a friendly where Ukraine won 4-3. Romania scored 3 goals in this match, while Ukraine scored 4, giving Ukraine a better head-to-head record against Romania in their recent history.

Date Competition Home Team Result Away Team
May 29, 2016 Friendly Romania 3 – 4 Ukraine

Overall, Ukraine has the upper hand in their recent head-to-head encounter with Romania.


Recent Form Analysis: Romania Vs. Ukraine


  • Overall Record: Won 7, Lost 4, Drew 9 in their last 20 matches.
  • Recent Matches:
    • Won twice:
      • 1-0 vs. Switzerland (November 21)
      • 2-1 vs. Israel (November 18)
    • Lost once:
      • 2-3 vs. Colombia (March 26)
    • Drew 3 times:
      • 0-0 vs. Liechtenstein (June 7)
      • 0-0 vs. Bulgaria (June 4)
      • 1-1 vs. Northern Ireland (March 22)


  • Overall Record: Won 9, Lost 3, Drew 8 in their last 20 matches.
  • Recent Matches:
    • Won 3 times:
      • 4-0 vs. Moldova (June 11)
      • 2-1 vs. Iceland (March 26)
      • 2-1 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 21)
    • Lost once:
      • 1-3 vs. Poland (June 7)
    • Drew twice:
      • 0-0 vs. Germany (June 3)
      • 0-0 vs. Italy (November 20)

Romania is currently on a drawing streak, having drawn their last two matches against Liechtenstein and Bulgaria. Ukraine, on the other hand, comes into this match with a recent victory over Moldova. Both teams have shown mixed results in their recent matches.


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