Belgium Pro League Standing Table 2023/24, Top Goal Scorers, Assists and Cards

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Belgium Pro League Standing Table 2023/24


Belgium Pro League Top Goal Scorers and Assists


Belgium Pro League season 2023/2024

Pro League 2023/2024 Season Overview

Belgium’s Pro League consists of 16 teams competing over a 312-match season, with 284 matches played as of May 1, 2024.

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Offensive Performance

In the Pro League, a total of 801 goals have been scored this season, averaging 2.82 per match. Mohamed Bouchouari is the top scorer, having scored 1 goal. The team with the most goals is Club Brugge, with 78 goals. The player with the most assists in the Pro League this season is Ferran Jutglà, with 4 assists.

Defensive Resilience

RWDM has conceded the most goals in the Pro League this season, with 71 goals against them. Meanwhile, Genk holds the best record for clean sheets, with 12 shutouts. The goalkeeper with the most clean sheets is Maarten Vandevoordt, who has kept 12 clean sheets.

Disciplinary Trends

A total of 1,110 yellow cards have been issued in the Pro League so far, which averages 3.91 per match. There have been 32 red cards, about 0.11 per match, and 26 instances of yellow-red cards, averaging 0.09 per match.

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Belgium Pro League History

Origins and Formation


The Belgium Pro League traces its roots back to [insert year], when it was established as the premier football competition in Belgium. Born out of a desire to showcase the nation’s footballing talent and foster competitive spirit among clubs, the Pro League quickly gained traction as a beloved institution in Belgian sports culture.


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Early Years and Evolution


In its formative years, the Pro League underwent significant growth and evolution, adapting to the changing landscape of Belgian football. From humble beginnings with a handful of clubs, the league expanded its reach and influence, attracting top talent and capturing the imagination of football fans across the country.


Dominance of Traditional Powerhouses


Throughout its history, the Pro League has been characterized by the dominance of traditional footballing powerhouses such as Anderlecht, Club Brugge, and Standard Liège. These clubs have consistently set the standard for excellence, competing fiercely for league titles and leaving an indelible mark on Belgian football.


Golden Eras and Memorable Moments


The Pro League has witnessed numerous golden eras defined by iconic players and memorable moments. From breathtaking goals to dramatic comebacks, each season has provided its share of unforgettable highlights that have etched themselves into the annals of Belgian football history.


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Rivalries and Passion


At the heart of the Pro League lies a tapestry of passionate rivalries that have ignited the imagination of football fans across Belgium. The fierce battles between Anderlecht and Club Brugge, known as the “Clasico,” and the intense matchups between Standard Liège and Genk, have captivated audiences and stoked the flames of competition for generations.


International Success and Recognition


Pro League clubs have not only excelled domestically but have also made their mark on the international stage, representing Belgium with distinction in European competitions. From memorable UEFA Champions League campaigns to triumphant UEFA Europa League runs, Belgian clubs have earned respect and admiration on the continental stage.


Continued Growth and Innovation


As the Pro League continues to evolve, with new talents emerging and traditional powerhouses facing fresh challenges, its rich history serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Belgian football. From its humble beginnings to its current status as one of Europe’s most competitive leagues, the Pro League remains a source of pride and passion for football fans across Belgium.


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