South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL) 2023/2024 Standing Table and Top Goal Scorers, Assists and Cards Updates

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Premier Soccer League 2023/2024 Table


Premier Soccer League 2023/2024 Top Goal Scorers, Assists and Cards Updates


South Africa Premier Soccer League Season 2023/2024 Overview

The 2023/2024 season of South Africa’s Premier Soccer League features 16 teams competing across 240 matches. As of June 4, 2024, all 240 matches have been played. Mamelodi Sundowns currently lead the league with 22 wins from 30 matches, followed by Orlando Pirates and Stellenbosch. At the bottom of the table is Cape Town Spurs with 5 wins, with Richards Bay and Moroka Swallows just above them, all facing the threat of relegation.


A total of 488 goals have been scored this season, averaging 2.03 goals per match. Tshegofatso Mabaso is the top scorer with 16 goals. Mamelodi Sundowns have scored the most goals as a team, with a tally of 52. Darwin González Mendoza leads in assists, having provided 7 so far this season.


Golden Arrows have conceded the most goals, with 44 against them. Mamelodi Sundowns boast the best defensive record, with 13 clean sheets. Ronwen Williams, their goalkeeper, has also achieved the highest number of clean sheets at 13.


There have been 922 yellow cards issued this season, averaging 3.84 per match. Red cards total 25 (0.1 per match), while 12 yellow-red cards have been shown, averaging 0.05 per match.

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A Beautiful History of the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL)

The Dawn of a New Era

The South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) was born in 1996, a transformative year that marked the consolidation of the country’s fragmented football leagues into a single, cohesive entity. This significant step aimed to unify the nation’s passion for football, creating a platform that would elevate the sport to new heights. The establishment of the PSL symbolized hope, ambition, and the start of a journey toward professionalism in South African football.

Early Dominance and Rivalries

In its formative years, the PSL saw the dominance of traditional football giants like Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. These clubs, with their deep-rooted histories and fervent fanbases, quickly became the heart and soul of the league. Their fierce rivalry, known as the Soweto Derby, captivated audiences and brought unprecedented attention to the league. This period laid a robust foundation, showcasing the league’s potential and attracting fans from all corners of South Africa.

Rise of Mamelodi Sundowns

As the new millennium dawned, Mamelodi Sundowns emerged as a powerhouse in the PSL. With their strategic vision and investment in talent, they began to dominate the league, winning multiple titles. Their success was not just in terms of trophies but also in their style of play, which was both dynamic and entertaining. Sundowns’ ascendancy helped elevate the league’s profile, attracting international attention and bringing in lucrative sponsorships and broadcasting deals.

A Platform for Social Change

The PSL has played a crucial role in South Africa’s broader social transformation. Post-apartheid, the league became a symbol of unity and progress, providing opportunities for young talent from diverse backgrounds. Football in South Africa transcended beyond just a game; it became a vehicle for social change, fostering a sense of national pride and cohesion. The PSL has been instrumental in breaking down racial barriers, promoting inclusivity, and giving hope to aspiring footballers across the nation.

Modernization and Growth

Over the years, the PSL has undergone significant modernization. The league has embraced professionalism, with improved infrastructure, state-of-the-art stadiums, and enhanced management practices. This growth has not only improved the quality of football but also boosted the league’s commercial success. International stars and coaches have been drawn to the PSL, further raising its standards and competitiveness.

Global Recognition and Future Aspirations

Today, the PSL is recognized globally as one of Africa’s premier football leagues. It has produced world-class players who have gone on to shine on international stages. The league’s commitment to excellence, both on and off the field, has set a benchmark in African football. The PSL continues to evolve, with ambitions of further growth and greater achievements on the horizon.

A Legacy of Passion and Excellence

The story of the PSL is one of passion, resilience, and continuous striving for excellence. It reflects South Africa’s love for football and its ability to overcome challenges. With each season, the PSL adds to its rich tapestry of history, inspiring future generations and uniting a nation through the beautiful game. As the league moves forward, it carries with it the dreams and aspirations of millions, embodying the spirit of South African football.


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