Canada Vs Chile Match Preview and Starting Lineups

Canada’s national football team will face Chile in Group A of Copa America on June 29, with the match scheduled to kick off at 20:00 USA local time.

Canada enters this clash on the back of a recent victory over Peru in Group A, showcasing their form and determination in the tournament.

Chile, in contrast, is gearing up for the match following a defeat against Argentina in Group A. They will be aiming to bounce back and secure crucial points in their campaign.


Canada Vs Chile Starting Lineup and Live Score Updates

We are updating team formations and line-ups for Canada – Chile in real time. The teams starting line-ups are yet to be announced.


Canada Predicted Starting Lineup

We’ll see who is going to start for Canada this time as they have started their recent match with:

    1. Maxime Crepeau
    2. Alphonso Davies
    3. Derek Cornelius
    4. Moise Bombito
    5. Alistair Johnston
    6. Liam Millar
    7. Ismael Kone
    8. Stephen Eustaquio
    9. Richie Laryea
    10. Cyle Larin
    11. Jonathan David


Chile Predicted Starting Lineup

Chile have started their recent match with:

    1. Claudio Bravo
    2. Gabriel Suazo
    3. Paulo Diaz
    4. Igor Lichnovsky
    5. Mauricio Isla
    6. Rodrigo Echeverria
    7. Erick Pulgar
    8. Dario Osorio
    9. Victor Davila
    10. Alexis Sanchez
    11. Eduardo Vargas


Key Players Ahead of the Match: Canada Vs Chile

Ahead of the upcoming match between Canada and Chile, several key players from both teams will be crucial to watch:


  • Alphonso Davies: Known for his speed and versatility, Davies often plays a pivotal role in Canada’s attacking strategy, both as a winger and as a wing-back.
  • Jonathan David: A skilled forward with a knack for scoring goals, David’s ability to find the back of the net makes him a potent threat in Canada’s offensive line.
  • Stephen Eustaquio: An influential midfielder who controls the tempo of the game, Eustaquio’s passing range and defensive presence are vital for Canada’s midfield stability.
  • Maxime Crepeau: As the goalkeeper, Crepeau’s shot-stopping abilities and command of the penalty area will be crucial in keeping Canada’s defense organized and secure.


  • Alexis Sanchez: A seasoned forward with immense experience, Sanchez’s creativity and goal-scoring prowess make him a constant threat in Chile’s attacking transitions.
  • Claudio Bravo: The veteran goalkeeper brings leadership and stability to Chile’s defense, with his experience and shot-stopping abilities crucial in pivotal moments.
  • Erick Pulgar: A versatile midfielder known for his physicality and technical skills, Pulgar’s ability to dictate play and provide defensive cover will be essential for Chile.
  • Mauricio Isla: An experienced full-back, Isla’s overlapping runs and defensive solidity provide Chile with width and defensive stability down the right flank.

These players will likely play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the match, showcasing their skills and experience on the international stage.


Head-to-Head Analysis: Canada Vs Chile

Canada and Chile have faced each other a few times in international football, mostly in friendly matches. These encounters have provided valuable experience for both teams, showcasing different styles of play and tactical approaches.

Head-to-Head Results Table:

Date Competition Home Team Result Away Team
Sep 6, 2019 Friendly Canada 1 – 0 Chile
Oct 11, 2014 Friendly Chile 2 – 1 Canada
Sep 14, 2007 Friendly Canada 1 – 1 Chile
Jun 9, 1987 Friendly Canada 0 – 0 Chile


  • Sep 6, 2019: Canada won 1-0 in a friendly match. This result showcased Canada’s defensive solidity and ability to secure a win against a South American team.
  • Oct 11, 2014: Chile won 2-1 in a friendly match. This victory highlighted Chile’s attacking prowess and ability to edge out a competitive game against Canada.
  • Sep 14, 2007: The match ended in a 1-1 draw, reflecting a balanced contest where both teams had opportunities to score and showcased their respective strengths.
  • Jun 9, 1987: The match ended in a 0-0 draw, indicating a tightly contested game with strong defensive performances from both sides.


Canada and Chile have had a balanced head-to-head record with wins and draws distributed between them. These friendly encounters have provided both teams with opportunities to test their squads against diverse playing styles, highlighting key areas of strength and development. As both nations continue to grow in the footballing world, future matchups are expected to be equally competitive and engaging.


Recent Form Analysis: Canada Vs Chile

Canada are coming off a victory against Peru in their previous match, while Chile suffered a defeat against Argentina. Overall, Canada have won 8 of their last 19 matches, lost 8, and drawn 3, whereas Chile have won 6 of their last 20 matches, lost 8, and drawn 6.


  • Wins: 2 (0-1 against Peru on June 26 and 2-0 against Trinidad and Tobago on March 23)
  • Losses: 3 (2-0 against Argentina on June 21, 4-0 against Netherlands on June 6, 2-3 against Jamaica on November 22)
  • Draws: 1 (0-0 against France on June 9)


  • Wins: 2 (3-0 against Paraguay on June 12 and 0-3 against Albania on March 22)
  • Losses: 3 (0-1 against Argentina on June 26, 3-2 against France on March 26, 1-0 against Ecuador on November 22)
  • Draws: 1 (0-0 against Peru on June 22)


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