Stellenbosch Vs. Golden Arrows Durban Starting Line-ups and Live Score Updates on May 1, 2024

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Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban face off in the Premier League of South Africa on May 1, with kick-off scheduled for 19:30 local time. This match promises to be an intriguing clash between two teams with different recent fortunes.

Stellenbosch’s Impressive Run Stellenbosch enters this game with momentum after their recent victory over TS Galaxy last Sunday. This win extended their unbeaten streak to an impressive 20 matches, showing the team’s resilience and consistency. Particularly at home, they’ve shown strong defensive capabilities, achieving three consecutive clean sheets. As they prepare for this match, Stellenbosch will look to maintain their disciplined defense while capitalizing on their scoring opportunities.

Golden Arrows Durban’s Defensive Struggles On the other side, Golden Arrows Durban come into this fixture following a 1-1 draw against Royal AM last Saturday. Their defense has been under pressure, conceding goals in four consecutive matches. This inconsistency at the back could pose a challenge as they face a determined Stellenbosch side. The Golden Arrows will need to find their defensive structure to withstand the home team’s attack and turn the tide of recent results.

Last Meeting and the Stakes The last time these teams met was seven months ago, in a match that ended in a 0-0 draw. With both sides aiming to climb the league standings, a win would be crucial. Stellenbosch will be keen to continue their impressive streak, while Golden Arrows Durban will be looking to break their defensive woes and regain their form.


Stellenbosch Vs. Golden Arrows Durban Starting Line-ups and Live Score Updates

We are providing real-time updates on team formations and starting line-ups for the Premier League match between Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban. As of now, the starting line-ups are yet to be announced.

However, we can refer to the players who started in the teams’ most recent matches.


Stellenbosch Possible Starting Line-ups

For Stellenbosch, the starting line-up from their previous game was:

  1. Sage Stephens
  2. Thabo Moloisane
  3. Olivier Toure
  4. Jayden Adams
  5. Fawaaz Basadien
  6. Andre De Jong
  7. Sihle Nduli
  8. Devon Titus
  9. Anicet Oura
  10. Iqraam Rayners
  11. Dean David Van Rooyen


Stellenbosch Key Players

Sage Stephens

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Attributes: Sage Stephens is known for his quick reflexes and exceptional shot-stopping ability. He has a keen eye for reading the game, allowing him to anticipate opponents’ moves and make crucial saves. His height and agility give him an advantage when reaching for high balls or diving across the goal.
  • Strengths: Stephens is a reliable last line of defense for Stellenbosch, with excellent command of his area. He is vocal in organizing the defense and provides a sense of security to his teammates. His experience and composure under pressure make him a crucial asset during high-stakes matches.

Olivier Toure

  • Position: Central Defender
  • Attributes: Olivier Toure stands out for his physicality and aerial dominance. His height and strength make him a formidable presence in defense, allowing him to win aerial duels and clear set-pieces. Toure’s defensive awareness and tackling skills are also notable.
  • Strengths: Toure is a key defensive anchor for Stellenbosch, often intercepting passes and stopping opposition attacks. His ability to read the game and make timely challenges contributes to his reputation as a solid defender. Additionally, he can be a threat during offensive set-pieces due to his heading ability.

Devon Titus

  • Position: Winger
  • Attributes: Devon Titus is known for his explosive pace and agility. He excels at taking on defenders in one-on-one situations and creating goal-scoring opportunities. Titus’s dribbling skills and ability to cut inside make him a versatile attacking threat.
  • Strengths: Titus brings creativity and energy to Stellenbosch’s attacking play. His speed allows him to break through defensive lines, and his crossing ability provides chances for his teammates in the box. Titus is also effective in transitioning from defense to attack, making him a key player on the flanks.

Iqraam Rayners

  • Position: Forward
  • Attributes: Iqraam Rayners is a versatile forward with an eye for goal. His quick movement and positional awareness allow him to find spaces in the opposition’s defense. Rayners’s finishing skills and ability to link up with teammates make him a constant threat in the attacking third.
  • Strengths: Rayners is a prolific goal scorer for Stellenbosch, with a knack for converting chances into goals. His versatility allows him to play in various attacking roles, giving the team flexibility in their formations. Rayners’s composure in front of goal and his work rate off the ball make him an invaluable asset to the team’s offensive play.


Stellenbosch Top Goal Scorers and Assists

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Golden Arrows Durban Possible Starting Line-ups

Golden Arrows Durban, in their most recent match, started with the following players:

  1. Olufemi Kayode
  2. Sbonelo Cele
  3. Lungelo Dube
  4. Themba Mantshiyane
  5. Gladwin Shitolo
  6. Nduduzo Sibiya
  7. Nhlanhla Zwane
  8. Siyanda Mthanti
  9. Knox Mutizwa
  10. Lungelo Nguse
  11. Brandon Theron

We’ll keep you updated with the latest information on the actual starting line-ups for the upcoming match between Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban.


Golden Arrows Durban Key Players

Olufemi Kayode

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Attributes: Olufemi Kayode is a dependable goalkeeper with excellent reflexes and agility. His quick reactions allow him to make crucial saves and deny opponents scoring opportunities. He has a strong presence in the box and can command his area effectively.
  • Strengths: Kayode’s shot-stopping ability is a key asset for Golden Arrows Durban, making him a reliable last line of defense. He is confident in dealing with crosses and corners, and his vocal communication helps organize the defense. Kayode’s consistent performances provide stability to the team’s backline.

Themba Mantshiyane

  • Position: Fullback
  • Attributes: Themba Mantshiyane is known for his versatility and stamina. He excels in both defensive and attacking duties, with a good sense of positioning. Mantshiyane’s speed and agility make him effective in covering ground and supporting the attack from the flanks.
  • Strengths: Mantshiyane’s work rate is one of his key strengths, allowing him to contribute defensively while also providing width in attacking plays. He is adept at overlapping runs and delivering accurate crosses into the box. His tackling and interception skills make him a valuable asset in the defensive third.

Nduduzo Sibiya

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Attributes: Nduduzo Sibiya is a creative midfielder with excellent vision and passing ability. He can control the tempo of the game and set up attacking plays with his precise distribution. Sibiya’s technical skills and dribbling make him a challenging player for defenders to contain.
  • Strengths: Sibiya’s playmaking ability is crucial for Golden Arrows Durban, as he can create goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. His versatility allows him to play in various midfield roles, and he is also capable of contributing goals himself. Sibiya’s composure on the ball and ability to maintain possession under pressure are significant assets.

Lungelo Nguse

  • Position: Forward
  • Attributes: Lungelo Nguse is a dynamic forward with a keen eye for goal. He has a good burst of pace and can make intelligent runs to create space in the opposition’s defense. Nguse’s finishing ability and knack for being in the right place at the right time are notable.
  • Strengths: Nguse’s goal-scoring instincts are a key strength, allowing him to convert chances into goals consistently. He is effective at linking up with teammates and can play both centrally and out wide, providing flexibility to Golden Arrows Durban’s attacking strategies. Nguse’s work rate and off-the-ball movement make him a constant threat to opposing defenses.


Golden Arrows Durban Top Goal Scorers and Assists

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Historic Matchup: Stellenbosch vs. Golden Arrows Durban

Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban have faced off six times since June 2021, with Stellenbosch emerging victorious twice and the other four matches ending in draws. Their most recent encounter was on September 16, 2023, in the Premier League of South Africa, which ended in a scoreless draw.

In these six head-to-head clashes, Stellenbosch has scored a total of 8 goals while Golden Arrows Durban has scored 3. This record suggests that Stellenbosch has generally had the upper hand against Golden Arrows Durban in recent history.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the results between Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban:

Date Competition Result
Sep 16, 2023 Premier League Golden Arrows Durban 0 – 0 Stellenbosch
Apr 29, 2023 Premier League Stellenbosch 5 – 2 Golden Arrows Durban
Oct 14, 2022 Premier League Golden Arrows Durban 1 – 1 Stellenbosch
Apr 6, 2022 Premier League Golden Arrows Durban 0 – 2 Stellenbosch
Nov 6, 2021 Premier League Stellenbosch 0 – 0 Golden Arrows Durban
Jun 5, 2021 Premier League Golden Arrows Durban 0 – 0 Stellenbosch


Current Season Performance

Looking at the current Premier League season, Stellenbosch has won 12 of their 24 matches, drawn 7, and lost 5. They’ve scored 30 goals, averaging 1.25 goals per match, while conceding 19, with an average of 0.79 goals per match.

Golden Arrows Durban, by contrast, has won 9 of their 24 matches, with 4 draws and 11 defeats. They’ve scored 27 goals (1.13 goals per match) but have conceded 37 goals (1.54 goals per match), indicating a weaker defense.

Overall, the data suggests that Stellenbosch has a better record against Golden Arrows Durban and a more robust defense this season.


Recent Form Analysis: Stellenbosch and Golden Arrows Durban


Stellenbosch are coming off a victory against TS Galaxy in their most recent Premier League match, while Golden Arrows Durban drew with Royal AM in their last fixture.


Looking at their overall performance in their last 20 matches, Stellenbosch have been in remarkable form, winning 15 games, drawing 5, and not losing a single match. On the other hand, Golden Arrows Durban have had a tougher run, winning only 6 out of their last 20 matches, with 12 losses and just 2 draws.


In their last 6 matches, Stellenbosch’s record demonstrates their dominance:


  • 4 Wins:
    • Against TS Galaxy (1-2 on 21st of April)
    • Against SuperSport United (4-0 on 13th of April)
    • Against Kaiser Chiefs (0-1 on 2nd of April)
    • Against Royal AM (3-0 on 30th of March)
  • 2 Draws:
    • Against Sekhukhune United (1-1 on 17th of April)
    • Against Sekhukhune United (0-0 on 6th of April)


In contrast, Golden Arrows Durban’s last 6 matches have seen mixed results:

  • 2 Wins:
    • Against Richards Bay (2-1 on 30th of March)
    • Against Polokwane City (0-1 on 10th of March)
  • 2 Losses:
    • Against Orlando Pirates (7-1 on 6th of April)
    • Against Kaiser Chiefs (1-0 on 5th of March)
  • 2 Draws:
    • Against Royal AM (1-1 on 20th of April)
    • Against SuperSport United (2-2 on 3rd of April)


Stellenbosch’s recent form and unbeaten streak clearly position them as a strong team, while Golden Arrows Durban’s performance indicates inconsistency, with a challenging defense that has conceded a significant number of goals.



Other Match Info:


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