Match Preview: Mamelodi Sundowns Vs Shekhukhune United – Is Teboho Mokoena fit to start?

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Mamelodi Sundowns Seek to Extend League Lead Against Sekhukhune United

Mamelodi Sundowns, commonly known as Masandawana, are keen to extend their lead at the top of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) table as they prepare to face off against Sekhukhune United, also known as Babina Noko. The match is set to take place at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria on Tuesday, with kick-off scheduled for 19:30 South African time.

Context and Importance of the Match

Mamelodi Sundowns currently hold a strong position at the top of the PSL table, thanks to their impressive form throughout the season. A victory against Sekhukhune United would further solidify their lead and increase the gap between them and their closest rivals. The team’s high-flying attack and solid defense make them the favorites going into the match.

On the other hand, Sekhukhune United are not to be underestimated. They are sitting in fourth place in the table and have the opportunity to climb to third with a win at Loftus Versfeld. Their recent performances have been promising, indicating that they are a team with ambition and the potential to challenge the league’s top sides.

Tactical Approach and Team News

Mamelodi Sundowns head coach, Rhulani Mokwena, faces a decision regarding his starting lineup. Given Sekhukhune United’s recent form and their position in the league, Mokwena might choose not to field a significantly altered side. The stakes are high for both teams, and Sundowns will likely prioritize stability and consistency to ensure a positive result.

Sekhukhune United’s strengths lie in their disciplined defense and quick counter-attacks. Their ability to shut down opposing teams and strike on the break could pose a threat to Sundowns. As a result, Mokwena may need to consider a balanced approach, ensuring his team remains solid at the back while maintaining their characteristic attacking flair.

The Battle for Points and League Position

Both teams have much to play for in this encounter. For Mamelodi Sundowns, a win would keep them on track for league glory, while Sekhukhune United have a chance to disrupt the leaders and gain valuable points in their quest for a higher league position. The match promises to be a thrilling contest with significant implications for both sides.


Expected Line-ups for Mamelodi Sundowns and Sekhukhune United

Mamelodi Sundowns’ Likely Starters

  1. Ronwen Williams
  2. Divine Lunga
  3. Aubrey Modiba
  4. Khuliso Mudau
  5. Mothobi Mvala
  6. Marcelo Allende
  7. Bathusi Aubaas
  8. Thembinkosi Lorch
  9. Lesiba Nku
  10. Lucas Ribeiro Costa
  11. Peter Shalulile

Sekhukhune United’s Likely Starters

  1. Badra Ali Sangare
  2. Nyiko Mobbie
  3. Katlego Mohamme
  4. Lehlohonolo Mtshali
  5. Asekho Tiwani
  6. Tresor Yamba
  7. Siphesihle Mkhize
  8. Vusimuzi Mncube
  9. Onassis Linda Mntambo
  10. Jamie Webber
  11. Elias Mokwana


Mamelodi Sundowns: Key Players Analysis

GOALKEEPER: Ronwen Williams

Ronwen Williams, the experienced shot-stopper and Bafana Bafana captain, is set to start in goal for Mamelodi Sundowns, where his skill and consistency make him a critical part of the team’s defense. His quick reflexes, commanding presence in the box, and precise distribution ensure stability and confidence at the back.

Williams has been a fortress for Sundowns, boasting an impressive record of 12 clean sheets from the 17 league games played this season. His leadership on and off the field, coupled with his ability to organize the defense and make crucial saves, makes him a key player to watch as the team aims to maintain their dominant form in the Premier Soccer League.


RIGHT-BACK: Khuliso Mudau

Khuliso Mudau, the dynamic South African international, has shown consistent performances at the right-back position for Mamelodi Sundowns. Given his excellent physical condition, Coach Rhulani Mokwena is likely to continue to rely on him to anchor the right flank. Mudau’s fitness and stamina allow him to make overlapping runs, support the attack, and track back to defend with equal efficiency.

His tactical awareness and ability to read the game make him a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive situations. Mudau’s solid tackling, crossing ability, and positional discipline contribute to Sundowns’ robust defense while also providing a key outlet for launching quick counter-attacks. His pace and energy on the right side make him a versatile player capable of impacting the game at both ends of the pitch.


CENTRE-BACK: Mothobi Mvala


Mothobi Mvala serves as the cornerstone of Mamelodi Sundowns’ defense, providing both leadership and stability at the heart of the backline. His imposing physical presence and aerial prowess make him a formidable force in defensive duels and set-piece situations. Coach Rhulani Mokwena is likely to retain Mvala in the starting lineup for the upcoming match against Sekhukhune United, recognizing his ability to organize and command the defensive unit.


Beyond his defensive skills, Mvala is also a vocal leader on the pitch, directing his teammates and ensuring the backline maintains its shape. His composure under pressure and ability to read the game allow him to anticipate and neutralize threats from the opposition. This level of leadership will be crucial against a resilient Sekhukhune side known for their counter-attacking prowess and set-piece effectiveness.


Mvala’s versatility allows him to adjust his style based on the game’s demands, making him equally adept at defending against pacey attackers or physical strikers. His commitment to the team’s defensive structure and willingness to put his body on the line in critical moments make him an invaluable asset for Sundowns as they aim to maintain their position at the top of the league table.






Marcelo Allende is the engine of Mamelodi Sundowns’ midfield, known for his relentless work rate and boundless energy. As a central midfielder, he brings a unique combination of tenacity and creativity to the team. His ability to transition from defense to attack makes him a critical component in Coach Rhulani Mokwena’s game plan.


Allende’s tireless running and commitment to pressing opponents often disrupt the opposition’s rhythm, forcing errors and creating opportunities for his team. His ability to win back possession and quickly launch counter-attacks is a key reason why Sundowns maintain a high tempo throughout their games.


In addition to his defensive contributions, Allende possesses a keen eye for goal and a knack for delivering precise passes to his teammates. With two goals and two assists in 13 PSL matches, he has proven to be an effective link between the defense and the attack. His vision and technical skills allow him to create scoring chances from seemingly innocuous positions.


Off the ball, Allende is constantly moving, offering passing options and drawing defenders out of position. This movement creates space for his teammates and allows Sundowns to control the midfield battle. His adaptability and willingness to take on multiple roles within the midfield give Mokwena tactical flexibility during matches.


Overall, Marcelo Allende’s blend of hard work, creativity, and tactical awareness makes him an invaluable asset for Sundowns. His consistent performances in the central midfield position are instrumental in the team’s success and will be crucial as they continue their quest for league dominance.




CENTRE-FORWARD: Peter Shalulile


Peter Shalulile, the prolific Namibian striker, is experiencing a bit of a goal drought, with his last goal coming in a Champions League group-stage match against TP Mazembe in early March. Despite his recent dry spell, Shalulile’s past performances and overall skill set have earned him a reputation as one of the most lethal centre-forwards in the league.


Shalulile’s value to Mamelodi Sundowns extends beyond scoring goals. His versatility and adaptability allow him to contribute in various ways. He has a high work rate, often pressing opponents’ defenses and creating turnovers high up the field. This pressure leads to goal-scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, and it disrupts the opposition’s build-up play.


The 2022/23 top scorer, who had a remarkable season with his goalscoring prowess, finds himself in a position where he needs to rebuild his confidence through consistent playtime. While he has scored just four goals in the league this season, his experience and instinct for finding the right positions in the penalty area mean he remains a constant threat to opposing defenses.


Shalulile’s ability to hold up the ball and link play with midfielders and wingers provides Sundowns with a focal point in attack. His movement off the ball creates space for others, while his aerial prowess makes him a target for crosses and set pieces. His strength and speed are crucial attributes that enable him to outmuscle defenders and get behind them to create scoring chances.


Coach Rhulani Mokwena is likely to give Shalulile more minutes to help him regain his form, knowing that a confident Shalulile can be the difference-maker in crucial matches. His presence on the field not only energizes his team but also puts the opposition on high alert, knowing that he can turn a game on its head with a single moment of brilliance.


Overall, Peter Shalulile’s past success and well-rounded skills make him a key player for Sundowns, and with more playing time, he is poised to reclaim his status as one of the league’s top goal scorers.





Sekhukhune United: Key Players Analysis


Badra Ali Sangare – Goalkeeper and Defensive Pillar


Badra Ali Sangare is a cornerstone of Sekhukhune United’s defense, providing stability and security in goal. His reflexes and shot-stopping abilities are among the best in the league, making him a reliable last line of defense. Sangare’s experience and calm demeanor help the backline stay organized and focused. He often comes up with crucial saves in high-pressure situations, giving his team the confidence to play with aggression and flair in other areas of the pitch.




Nyiko Mobbie – Versatile Full-Back


Nyiko Mobbie is a versatile full-back who can play on either flank, bringing energy and technical ability to Sekhukhune United’s defense. Mobbie’s speed and endurance allow him to support both defensive and offensive plays. His crossing ability provides the team with attacking options from wide areas, while his positional awareness ensures defensive stability. Mobbie’s versatility allows Sekhukhune to adapt their tactics based on the opposition, contributing to the team’s flexibility.




Onassis Linda Mntambo – Midfield General


Onassis Linda Mntambo is a midfield general who controls the tempo of the game for Sekhukhune United. His excellent ball control, vision, and passing accuracy make him the engine of the team’s midfield. Mntambo’s creativity allows him to set up goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates, while his work rate ensures that he can cover a lot of ground. His leadership and composure under pressure make him a key figure in orchestrating the team’s attacks and maintaining possession.




Elias Mokwana – Attacking Threat


Elias Mokwana is a key attacking player for Sekhukhune United, known for his speed and goal-scoring instinct. His ability to find space in the final third and make well-timed runs behind defenders creates constant threats for the opposition. Mokwana’s versatility allows him to play as a forward or winger, providing Sekhukhune with tactical flexibility. His finishing ability and composure in front of goal make him a consistent goal-scoring threat, contributing to the team’s offensive firepower.





Dominance and Goals: Head-to-Head Between Mamelodi Sundowns and Sekhukhune United


When Mamelodi Sundowns and Sekhukhune United face off, history shows a clear edge for Sundowns. In their last five meetings since November 2021, Sundowns have claimed victory four times, with one match ending in a draw.


The most recent encounter between these teams was on August 4, 2023, where Mamelodi Sundowns secured a 2-1 win. Across these five matches, Sundowns have outscored Sekhukhune United 9 to 2, illustrating their dominance in the head-to-head record.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of the recent results between these two teams:


Date Competition Home Team Score Away Team
August 4, 2023 Premier League Sekhukhune United 1 – 2 Mamelodi Sundowns
January 28, 2023 Premier League Mamelodi Sundowns 2 – 0 Sekhukhune United
August 20, 2022 Premier League Sekhukhune United 1 – 1 Mamelodi Sundowns
May 3, 2022 Premier League Sekhukhune United 0 – 2 Mamelodi Sundowns
November 27, 2021 Premier League Mamelodi Sundowns 2 – 0 Sekhukhune United


Examining these results, Mamelodi Sundowns’ ability to control the pace and dictate the flow of the game is apparent. Their defensive solidity and clinical finishing have given them a significant advantage in this matchup.


Mamelodi Sundowns’ season record reflects this dominance: they’ve won 16 of their 21 Premier League matches, with five draws and zero defeats, scoring at a rate of 1.76 goals per match and conceding just 0.33. In contrast, Sekhukhune United has had a more modest record, with 11 wins out of 24 matches, six draws, and seven defeats. They have scored 28 goals this season, averaging 1.17 per match, while conceding 20, with a rate of 0.83 per match.


Overall, Mamelodi Sundowns have established a clear upper hand in their encounters with Sekhukhune United, thanks to their superior scoring ability and rock-solid defense. These stats suggest that Sundowns are likely to maintain their dominance in future matches, but Sekhukhune United’s evolving form and potential for an upset ensure that each meeting is worth watching.



Recent Form: Sundowns Aim for a Comeback, Sekhukhune Riding High


Mamelodi Sundowns are seeking to rebound from their recent loss to Esperance, while Sekhukhune United head into this match with a boost in confidence following their win over Cape Town Spurs. In their last 20 matches, Sundowns have been consistent, with 13 wins, 6 draws, and only 1 loss. Meanwhile, Sekhukhune United have had a more varied record with 7 wins, 6 draws, and 7 losses.


Mamelodi Sundowns’ Last Six Matches


  • Wins: Sundowns claimed four victories, demonstrating a strong form despite their recent setback. They beat Cape Town Spurs 1-0 on April 9, Richards Bay 1-0 on April 2, and had a 1-0 victory against Univ. of Pretoria on April 12.
  • Draws: They drew 1-1 with Univ. of Pretoria on April 12, tied with Young Africans 0-0 on April 5, and drew 2-2 with Moroka Swallows on April 15.
  • Loss: Sundowns suffered a setback, losing 1-0 to Esperance on April 20.


Sekhukhune United’s Last Six Matches


  • Wins: Sekhukhune United claimed two victories—1-0 against Cape Town Spurs on April 20 and 2-1 against Orlando Pirates on March 30.
  • Draws: They had three draws, with a 1-1 result against Stellenbosch on April 17, a 0-0 tie with Stellenbosch on April 6, and a 2-2 draw with Cape Town City on April 2.
  • Loss: They lost 0-2 to AmaZulu Durban on March 14.


Overall Form and Outlook


Mamelodi Sundowns have been more consistent in their performances, displaying a higher win rate and maintaining their position near the top of the table. Sekhukhune United, despite a more mixed record, have shown resilience and adaptability. As these teams prepare to face off, Sundowns aim to regain their winning momentum, while Sekhukhune United look to build on their recent successes and keep climbing. This clash promises to be an intriguing battle of styles and momentum.





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