Zambia Super League 2023/2024 Standing Table and Top Goal Scorers, Assists and Cards

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Zambia Super League 2023/2024 Standing Table


  • CAF Champion League 1st
  • CAF Champions League qualification 2nd
  • CAF Confederation Cup 3rd & 4th
  • Relegation Zone: 15th,16th 17th & 18th

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Zambia Super League 2023/2024 Top Goal Scorers and Assists Updates

Zambia Super League 2023/2024: Season Update

Zambia’s Super League consists of 18 teams competing across a 306-match season, with 268 games completed as of May 1, 2024. Red Arrows currently leads the league with 19 wins from 30 matches, followed by ZESCO United and Man Utd Zambia Academy. At the bottom of the table is Trident, with just 3 wins. Right above them are Prison Leopards and Kansanshi Dynamos, both at risk of relegation.


A total of 510 goals have been scored in the Super League this season, averaging 1.9 goals per match. The team with the most goals is Red Arrows, with 43 goals so far.


Green Eagles has conceded the most goals in the Super League this season, with 36 goals against them. The team with the best clean sheet record is yet to be determined (TBD), and the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets also remains to be confirmed (TBD).


In the Super League, no yellow cards have been issued so far, resulting in an average of zero yellow cards per match. However, there have been 19 red cards, which averages to about 0.07 per match, and 3 yellow-red cards, with an average of 0.01 per match.

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Zambia Super League History

The history of the Zambia Super League is a rich tapestry woven with the passion, dedication, and resilience of Zambian football. Dating back to its inception, the league has served as the pinnacle of football competition within the nation, showcasing the talent and fervor of Zambian footballers to local and international audiences alike.


The Zambia Super League traces its origins back to the establishment of organized football in Zambia during the colonial era. Football, introduced by British settlers, quickly gained popularity among Zambian communities, becoming a beloved pastime and source of national pride. Initially, football competitions were localized, with various regional leagues emerging across the country.

Formation of the National League:

As football continued to capture the hearts of Zambians, calls for a unified national league grew louder. In response, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) took decisive action, laying the foundation for the Zambia Super League. The inaugural season kicked off with great fanfare, heralding a new era of professional football in the nation. Teams from across Zambia vied for supremacy, igniting fierce rivalries and captivating audiences with thrilling displays of skill and determination.

Evolution and Expansion:

Over the years, the Zambia Super League evolved in tandem with the growth of Zambian football. The league expanded to accommodate more teams, reflecting the increasing depth and breadth of talent within the country. With each season, new stars emerged, captivating audiences with their prowess and propelling Zambian football onto the global stage. The league’s reputation grew, attracting attention from scouts, sponsors, and fans worldwide.

Triumphs and Tribulations:

The history of the Zambia Super League is punctuated by moments of triumph and tribulation. From historic championship victories to heartbreaking defeats, each season has been a testament to the resilience and spirit of Zambian football. Iconic clubs have risen to prominence, etching their names into the annals of football history, while others have faced the challenges of relegation and rebuilding.

Impact and Legacy:

Beyond the realm of sports, the Zambia Super League has had a profound impact on Zambian society. Football has united communities, transcending barriers of language, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. The league has served as a platform for social change, promoting unity, diversity, and inclusivity. Through grassroots initiatives and community outreach programs, the Zambia Super League has empowered the next generation of footballers, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Looking Ahead:

As the Zambia Super League continues to write its story, the future brims with promise and potential. With ongoing investments in infrastructure, youth development, and coaching, Zambian football is poised for even greater heights. The league remains a beacon of hope and inspiration, embodying the enduring spirit of the Zambian people and their love for the beautiful game.


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